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Three Stars

When in doubt, watch three-star movies


BLOOD BATH (Jack Hill, 1966)
COLD WEATHER (Aaron Katz, 2010)
THE SEDUCTION OF JOE TYNAN (Jerry Schatzberg, 1979)
AND EVERYTHING IS GOING FINE (Steven Soderbergh, 2010)
A FLASH OF GREEN (Victor Nunez, 1986)

Bad Fever

A Mexican guy with part of his face melted off and only six working fingers had the table before me. I played him two games, winning both.

I returned to the theater, by this time crawling with attractive, presumably well-bred white people, alumni of faraway places, stars of another mumblecore film called life, one of iPhone ennui and sexual perversity gone viral. Maybe I was just pissed cos I knew I wasn’t with them, that the closest I’d ever get would be delivering their milk.

I don’t know what the movie was about, some guy who was too good-looking to be convincing as a Barry Egan-style Aspergian, stuck in a small town, meeting some bitch who makes him star in feminist porn. It was only 77 minutes long, the perfect mumblecore length, but I still left a few minutes early.

Subtext, anyone?


Why Kids Movies Really Freak Me Out

Renting Videos with Jeff Conaway

A tour of the late, not-that-great Odyssey Video in West LA. 1985-2008. R.I.P.

Spader, James

from The Film Snob’s Dictionary

Life would be so ______ if we only referenced James Spader movies from the eighties and early nineties. I could write a dissertation on the blowjob scene in WHITE PALACE, or the redemptive yuppie construct depicted in BAD INFLUENCE and TRUE COLORS. Maybe I will


cut diagonally, stupid

Thanks, Jules. There’s always great
comfort in knowing that someone out
there is more depressed than I am


I want my blog back

3 years ago


"While Sofia spends her days in a state of worry-free, languid comfort — she lives in Los Angeles with the bass player from the underground rock band Redd Kross, takes acting lessons, and is preoccupied with just ‘hanging out and decorating the apartment’ — Roman, a graduate of NYU’s film school, is grim, tightly-wound, and intense. He won’t ever let you forget he’s a Coppola. But unlike his father — who sports a Wellesian larger-than-life figure — Roman has the ectomorphic look of someone surviving solely on caffeine, cigarettes, and sleep deprivation."

"Sofia and Roman," FRISKO MAGAZINE, Winter 1990/91